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SMS service

The main service of Konness is a messaging and marketing platform. It offers a portal and APIs to send SMS messages and other notifications.

It improves on services like Targlets, Twilio, SendGrid and Clickatell by offering a better experience and reliability for the local market.

  • Peace of Mind We give you peace of mind by understanding what you really need and Get It Done. You don't have to constantly check or worry about anything.
  • Reliability Other services take a 'best-effort' approach to delivering your messages over cheap routes. If it fails, tough luck and you still have to pay up! That's not us! That doesn't provide you with the peace of mind we strive for. We won't settle for less than 100% delivery rates!
  • Integrations You already have a system in place. One you like and feel comfortable with. We don't expect you to change it in order to work with us. We will adapt to your system.
  • Quality vs Price balance We understand different people have different needs. Whether you're after quality and reliability over cost or if you're after volume at cheap prices, you can customize your plan and move the dial to that sweet spot you want.
  • Better for local There are other solutions but for Maltese numbers especially, nothing beats Konness for price and quality. Unlike Twilio, Clickatell, Targlets and other international providers we connect directly to the local operators in Malta ensuring a reliable service and no middle-man.
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Use Cases

Create a list of appointments and automatically notify your customers via SMS when to proceed to your salon, clinic or reception. The system works on its own or even in conjunction with other booking systems that you might already use, adding the sending of SMSes to your appointments.

New featues have been added during the Coronavirus pandemic to respect social distancing recommendations in waiting areas. Read more in the appointment booking & covid-19 page.

Create a list of contact numbers once and use it every time. You'll never leave anyone out and you'll just need to send the message once.
Do you have an offer that expires today or you’re launching a new product next week? Send a quick SMS to hundreds of users urging not to miss out.
Let your customer know that their product has arrived, is in stock or their appliance is repaired.
Make your customers feel loved with a personalized "Happy Birthday!" message. Or remind them of their upcoming appointment. We know you're busy, so we'll take care of sending the SMS on time for you.
Verify the rightful user is accessing your services by sending a secure code to his mobile while logging in.
Your lists can have additional information about your contacts; gender, age, location. Use these to send only to a subset of your lists with a more direct message.
Your messages don't need to be identical. By using message templates like; "Hello Mr. {name}, your appointment is on {date} at {time}." one can add that personal touch to a message.
You want to promote your business, but don’t want to share your number with all your clients. Send them a message that will always show your business name instead of your phone number.
Receive client messages on a special number that is hosted by us rather than your phone number. Avoid receiving messages at awkward times or if you are expecting hundreds of replies to a promotion, just get the replies when the promotion is over.
Send an SMS with a special code while you're away from your computer and trigger an action, like sending an email or a campaign with hundreds of SMS messages.
Maybe you are happy sending SMSes the way you are, but you know a lot of your mobile numbers are outdated. If you have an old list of mobile numbers but you don't know which are still active, we can check which numbers are still active and clean it up for you. Cleaning your list makes sure you don't waste money sending to inactive numbers.
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