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Welcome to Konness. Your helper during Covid-19

Konness, has been working with doctors, clinics, beauticians and hairdressers for years. We understand your needs and can help you be more engaged with your clients and make your work a lot easier. We noticed your new challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, so we adapted to the new situation and added new services to help you better.

We added a queue and appointment management system on top of the existing SMS service that takes into consideration the social distancing rules and regulations for salons, hairdressers and health clinics that are in place to minimise the risk of infections. We make sure only a minimum number of persons are in your waiting area but we also take care of monitoring any delays or cancelled appointments so that you can continue serving as many clients as possible.

Konness provides tools to manage Appointments, Reminders and keeping your clients informed.

We added special features for the current social distancing restrictions. See how they improve our services towards hairdresser and beautician salons as well as clinics and pharmacies


Keep safe, Keep going

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Works with your existing booking system

We appreciate you might already have an appointment booking system and don't want to change that. In fact, our service does not aim to replace what you already have, but rather to improve it.

We are focused on communicating with your clients. We will use your booking system to get the appointment time and mobile number of your client and send them an SMS when their appointment is almost due. We also can get SMSes from your clients who ask to cancel or postpone the appointment.

Queue Management

When you finish serving 1 client, we make sure that there is one person in your waiting area. When that person is being served, we send an SMS to the next person so that they can proceed to the waiting area. This way, there is always someone waiting for the next appointment, but no more than the social distancing rules allow.

Appointment changes

If a client cancels their appointment, we can inform the next clients that their appointments have moved up. If on the other hand, you are running late, we can alert your clients of the delay so that they don't come too early.

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