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Welcome to Konness. Your Beauty partner

At Konness, we have been working with beauticians, nail technicians, hairdressers & spas for years. We understand your needs and can help you be more engaged with your clients and make your work a lot easier.

Our basic offering is a Communication & Marketing platform from which you can send SMS messages to your customers.

We will help you with your Promotions, Special offers and similar Marketing campaigns. We make it easy by offering:

  • Contact list management (CRM)
  • Reminders and scheduling of messages
  • Text Templates for quickly sending common messages
  • other features for engaging with your customers
  • and last but not least, it is cheaper than sending an SMS yourself!

We don't change your habits or way of working. Instead, we adapt to the way you work or the apps and tools that you use to improve on what you already have.

We keep our focus on building customer loyalty towards you.

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Keep your customers coming for more

Making our clients' experiences remarkable is what keeps them coming back to us.

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Gestures of appreciation
Automated personalization

Your customers come to you to be pampered. Make them feel special by personalizing your messages.

It could be as simple as letting Konness address them by name, choosing the language to use, adding emojis or whatever makes your customer feel cared for.

We all love birthday gifts

What better way to say thank you than remembering your customer on their special day with a message like;

Hi Mary, next week's your birthday, come to the salon for a massage. It's on us, our treat to say thank you. ;) Amanda

And with Konness, you're sure to never forget anyone.

Work better
One-time, regular and cancellations

Be it a one-time appointment or a regular customer, we can send them a reminder a day or two before.

The customer can even reply to the automated message if they need to cancel or reschedule and the system will take care of it all.

We have also added special features to help you manage appointments with social distancing in mind for your salon. Read more in the appointment booking & covid-19 page.

Let Konness be your personal assistant

If you are running late for your next appointment, the last thing you want to do is to stop to send messages or answer calls from a frustrated customer.

We can take care of that by automatically alerting the next customer that you are running a bit late and let you wrap up those finishing touches without interruptions! :)

When you're done, we can send you the directions to the address you're heading to so you'll be ready to go when you get in your car!

If you haven't seen a customer in a while, let Konness remind them of other services you offer.

Or why not just go ahead and tell them that you reserved a slot for them for next week?

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