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Welcome to Konness. Your Healthcare partner

Konness started out from the wish of a doctor to keep in contact with his patients and really make sure they were getting the best care possible. We still have you and your clients' wellbeing at heart and having worked with healthcare professionals for years, we understand your needs and can help you be more engaged with your clients and make your work a lot easier.

Our basic offering is a Communication platform from which you can send SMS messages to your patients and clients.

We don't change your habits or way of working. Instead, we adapt to the way you work or the apps and tools that you use to improve on what you already have.

Konness provides tools to manage Appointments and Reminders, vaccinations, POYC and keeping your clients informed.

Our focus is on your clients' wellbeing.

Konness helps you engage with your clients and patients, ensuring they get the best care you can provide.

Less to think about

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Social Distancing & Coronavirus

Konness has added special features to its queue and appointment management system during the Covid-19 pandemic. We take into consideration social distancing by making sure there are no people (or a minimum) waiting in your clinic.

When a person is being served, we send an SMS to the next person waiting outside your clinic to proceed inside.

Read more in the appointment booking & covid-19 page.

Peace of mind

The older we get, the more medicines we're probably going to require. Unfortunately, we also tend to be more forgetful and keeping track of what medicines we need to take can be daunting.

We offer a special service designed specifically for such patients; to remind them daily and ensure that they have taken their medicine. As a pharmacist you can enroll your patients for this service and we'll manage everything for you.

POYC & Schedule V

Those suffering from chronic conditions, who make use of Schedule V, still need to inconveniently get new prescriptions, wait in a line and collect their medicines from their Pharmacy Of Your Choice on a regular basis.

Konness provides a service for streamlining this bimonthly process so that your client just needs to collect the medicines. Just 1 trip to the pharmacy and that's it. Our service will co-ordinate with the pharmacist and doctor to make this happen.

Regular checkups

For those pharmacies or clinics that host doctors, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals, Konness can remind their patients of their recurring or upcoming appointments. You just need to provide the patients' details and appointments in the system and we'll make sure we send them SMS reminders when they are due. We can even inform both patient and doctor or pharmacist of any cancellations.

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Keep your clients informed

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Before the flu season kicks in and you need to order the influenza vaccines, Konness sends SMS messages to your patients asking them to pre-order if they are interested. It can help you get enough vaccines and make sure the ones who really need it don't forget about it. Once the vaccines arrive, Konness will notify again or even schedule appointments for your clients to get vaccinated at your clinic.

Even when it comes to vaccines for newborns and infants, Konness sends SMSes reminding parents when their children are due a certain vaccine and informs the pharmacy to keep stock.

Visiting doctors & Locum posts

Let patients know that a doctor is running late, or is sick and has to cancel the appointments. An SMS can be sent to all clients or just to the ones that have booked an appointment for the day.

Pharmacies can also send SMS messages to other pharmacists to fill in a Locum post or inform their clients when the pharmacy is open on Sundays or closed for unexpected reasons.

Products & Services

Keep your patients and clients informed of services offered, promotions, new or out-of-stock items, special offers, arrival of ordered items and even of beauty products being showcased. We integrate with POS systems to fully automate this for you.

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